Sunday, July 26, 2009

Books, Movies, and Constant Themes

Surprise! It's been another few months since my last post. Guess that means I take my time in coming up with what could be misconstrued as a meaningful thought. Note: this is not a humorous post like previous one... One of those is on way soon (or in 3 months) but right now the humor muse isn't with me.

Some of the biggest proponents of stories that I've been reading/watching of late have involved a moral upbringing or a lesson. Well we figure that has been the way for ages but the way these ones keep falling in my lap makes me really start to wonder what would cause people to take this intrinsic step back. Well not really a step back but a step away from reality and open themselves up to the muses as the Greeks referred to it as. The author of "Live, Love, Pray" (or something like that) gave a Ted speech once and it was something of an inspiration on how she looked at it. She referred to the Greek Muses and how all truly sensational works of art are in actuality someone being guided by a Muse. She said that by distancing yourself from the source of genius and creativity you give yourself that buffer, so it is not some insane standard to live up to after you've created your greatest work of life.

So back to the topic of muses and people. This separation would almost seem to induce a belief in things magical, abstract, or undefinable. As the books and movies I've been watching keep pointing to it is not the goal of humanity to turn on itself but to save itself. What gets wonky about this whole thing, quite a few of them keep saying that blind faith will not save us but by being rational thinking people will we stand a chance of doing something great in life.

I would like to take that thought a step further. Each of us has a chance to think about and pursue a calling. Something that drives us in the morning and we might work forward in the course of the day, but maybe we are just not there. Some people answer their callings, but the fact these callings exist makes me ponder. Are we really in a world without magic? How can we not be in a world with even the essence of magic when our subconscious can keep guiding us to fulfill some unknown set of desires and circumstances. Some of us are driven to create and in that desire to create if we fail, artists have been known to kill themselves in their pursuit and failings.

I have a bit of a crazy imagination (relatively known fact if you know me). So, I often consider many what-if's in this state of mind. Like when I watch a movie or read a book I consider the abstract 'what-if they are right?'. I like to think we all do that in someway. One of the series of books i just finished put a hypothesis forward that we exist in another dimension cast away from our real dimension because of the followers of blind faith. The author even put in that's why all cultures have a tie in for magic, and especially why they all have a reference to dragons. Crazy thing to think about how all people on this planet evolved as they were in their own sub-realities have an idea of what a dragon is. It's a word that exists in all languages. I consider that to be almost friggen insane! but hey, reality is never what it seems to be.

Now for the craziest thoughts that go through my head to be given form of words:

What if our dreams are the true reality and only by going to sleep we enter the real truth of the universe temporarily?

Another oddball thought, playing on the idea of the second coming of Christ... what if it already happened? Seriously. What if it already happened, the 144,000 were already taken to heaven to be trained to purge all of the world and we are actually living in the darkness that followed? What if this life as we know it is in fact hell on earth? I'm sure every Emo and Goth teenager on the planet would say: "well duh. I'm going to cut myself now." Going a step further, what if the current Religions of the world that are preaching to be saved by the creator are in fact teaching a form of Satan worship, and that Satan tricked a majority of the world to blindly following him by just 'swapping roles' in the stories? The best part is about this question: A thinking person would go, possibility but it's abstract and can't be defined, but a blind faith person would do one of two things! The first would be to discredit the thought and rely on the blind faith again for answers, thus becoming an infinitely self feeding loop of nothing. Or, they would get upset/outraged/disbelieving in the sheer question and start to undermine the basis of the question, or in other words: attack. I keep thinking about American Christians in particular, why do they so blindly attack all of those who are unlike themselves... and in doing so have they not become the unwilling, and sometimes willing, harbingers of hatred and malice in this world? Seems almost insane to me that a religion based on PEACE and UNDERSTANDING can in fact be the basis of war, famine, injustice, and my favorite: hate crimes. If any religion is so pure as to not be undermined then why do they in fact have people who believe be able to commit evil? My crazy thought is that any religion that is truly pure in bringing enlightenment and peace should be able to purify the person from all forms of hatred and anger, it should encourage reason and understanding, and lastly it should be unable to be corrupted. Tied in thought: what if the pope is the anti-christ? And they keep electing a replacement once the previous one dies? Gah the insanity!!!

What if Tree's could talk? Would they yell at you for peeing on them?

Arg! all out of muse resources! Must hunt down those fairy things and keep them around! Side note: must research ghostbuster technology to be able to trap spectral entities for personal use.

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