Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Best of Craigslist

Today one of my friends from school just introduced me to the Best of Craigslist.

My buddy being straightforward with me had me go right to the Battle Asses. That's right, an actual post on Craigs list that is nothing more than someone who ate bad food and had a fart and stink war with someone else from the office. I can't even fathom how much disgust this man must have, or how much spare time he has in order to begin the battling of asses let alone write about it!

Man with too much spare time seeks Nemesis. That's right folks, everything is going well so I'm going to pay someone to make my life miserable. Creative, but dumb.

There are some pretty extreme postings up there to include this quiz for possible girlfriend position. Does the guy actually expect women of quality to spend time filling out a set of questions? But, I will give him one thing, he was smart enough to put the entire list of prerequisites of the relationship in question format from the onset.

Now for an apology that has good advice. I don't know if the apology is warranted as much as it should be a full "A-ha" moment. The full apology is from a woman saying she is sorry to all the guys in the world for how hard it is to understand what a woman wants. Here's the kicker, she learned all of this because she became a lesbian and was trying to sleep with a girl. To sum up the story though: she spent quite a few dates trying to figure out what the girl she wanted to sleep with wants and realized this is what guys do on dates. Now, I feel insulted to be grouped up with only thinking about sex non-stop during a date. I understand where she is coming from when it is about trying to understand the woman you are on a date with, I'm pretty confident and can say any guy who has been on a date with a girl has had those thoughts. But even if you are attracted to the girl doesn't mean you are thinking about sex nonstop. I guess this woman doesn't realize men can't think about sex nonstop: we have a penis. It really does get in the way of being horny in public.

Now to end it with the fun post:

An attack kitten! I seriously just recommend reading this one because it's very entertaining for all those cat owner/lovers out there!

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