Friday, August 29, 2008

Spin Analysis

With the VP selections getting dropped in the same week and McCain pulling a genius strategic maneuver of announcing his formally in the only Blue county in Ohio between Toledo and Cincinnati, I find myself looking between the networks spin of the candidates.
This election so far has been a constant uphill battle for the GOP with its ties to our sitting lame duck. Some of its biggest setbacks has been a popular discontent with "W" and his approval rating. Thirty percent of Americans approve of W's overall performance and even less for his handling of Iraq, a sure staple situation of this election. Or so I thought.
As Obama has been actively being seen as a force of change and freshness that can be brought to the Oval office, at least what he's playing his cards as, this is a direct move to undercut that idea. Here is a young, and supposedly up and coming GOP, candidate that is also female. Where normally I wouldn't consider this that great of a move there is a bit of genius behind it. As the selection was just announced this morning, I know of several female friends and family members that have already thrown their support that was originally behind Hillary to being behind McCain because of Palin alone. Some of them are even staunch pro-choice women, but it seems the gender card is winning alone on their plates.
While CNN has shown its colors early in how to aggressively attack the VP selection, Fox news is doing nothing but trumpeting Palin as a force of change and shaking up of the '08 Battle. Wait, this is a battle? Where's the guns, the artillery, the bloodshed? Oh, never mind, the only reason to play that card is to give support to the former P.O.W. and his military experience. Also, Fox is completely avoiding in supporting Palin on her own credentials but instead focusing on how McCain's choice is changing the race of the election.
CNN has acknowledged that this was a truly brilliant move, from the choice of person, to the location that it was issued from, albeit always with a note of 'risky' attached or even questioning McCain's sanity and mental health. Very interesting point of attack since McCain constantly cannot keep countries and political positions straight. Guess that McCain is really trying to show himself as something more than Old and Worn out. If he was really out of his mind, McCain would point out the fact that he shares a birthday with Michael Jackson.

On a somewhat unrelated note other than Fox news attempts to distract people, it seems Ann Hathaway was getting hit on by the lead singer of Maroon 5 during the Democrats National Convention in Denver, CO. Here is the link.

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