Monday, June 23, 2008

Ode to Cranky Sarcasm

Rest In Peace George Carlin...
Some people will probably be jumping on the bandwagon of wishing George here to rest in peace after passing away.
I find myself thinking of all his aspects on religion and higher power and wondering if its pissing him off to no end that people are wishing him to rest in peace. He once stated that people who say "Have a nice day!" piss him off. He liked to respond with "I have other plans," then storm off.
Another great part of George was his ability to put things in a perspective that distorted the classic vision or common understanding of it. Especially regarding religion. One of his best rants, in my opinion, is how God is bad with money. Be warned that the all powerful, all seeing, all knowing being that created the cosmos is watching you masturbate, but he's bad with money. That's why you are asked to donate part of your earnings when you go to church, because the all powerful all knowing being can't quite keep tabs on it all and spends it a bit too quickly. This was part of George's great charm, being a cranky old bastard who looked at the mass of society like a bunch of sheep in a controlled box and told them exactly how retarded we all looked and acted.
Some aspects of George's personality pissed off a lot of people, mainly the Catholics, because he had a lot of bad things to say about the Catholic religion, but then, he also had a lot of bad things to say about anyone and everyone. Still he openly admitted he was Catholic until he reached the age of reason.
So with that quick knee jerk reaction to George Carlin, I wish him to go fuck himself and to make sure not to lend the big guy any money.

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